Ultimate Superhost Course

We help you to become the perfect Superhost and sustainably increase your booking rates!

Ultimate Superhost Course for You?

This course is designed for all hosts who want to tailor their AirBnB rental apartment according to the needs of tourists and business travelers. For optimized long-term revenue with minimale effort!

No matter if you are planning to open or improve your existing AirBnB homestay. This online course will give you important tips on how to set up and become the best Superhost travelers can dream of!

Behind the Ultimate Superhost Course

Behind the Ultimate Superhost Course

About Us

We created this course because through countless travels and the evaluation of hundreds of reviews on AirBnB it struck us that there are still so many accommodations that can be easily optimized and thus increase their booking rates. As a fast-growing industry, tourism is a highly competitive market in which only those who understand what their guests really want will win. This is where our Ultimate Superhost Online Course can help. Inside we prepared the best and easy tricks to improve your rental apartment from over 200 homestays in 20 countries on 4 continents around the globe.

We hope you enjoy the course and look forward to your feedback!

What You Get!

The Ultimate Superhost Online Video Course explains how to optimize your AirBnB homestay and shows you what to look out for; in just two (2) hours. Short and entertaining videos that require only a simple level of English. You also get text and checklist templates, as well as supplementary download materials with extra tips for practical daily use!


Perfect Design

Learn how to improve the interior and exterior of your AirBnB homestay with simple measures. Ensuring your guests will not miss a single thing!


Perfect communication

Learn how to easily communicate with your guests no matter where you are and how they feel. So that inquiries become paying guests!


Perfect Marketing

Learn which simple marketing strategies you can use increase your booking rates. So that everyone knows about your ultimate Superhost AirBnB!


Perfect Add-Ons

Learn how additional offers make your apartment outstanding. So that you score with service and earn more!


Perfect Details

Learn which small and simple details you can implement in your AirBnB homestay. So that your guests are delighted everytime!


Perfect Hosts

Learn how to be an outstanding host and use our templates. So that your guests will be happy to recommend you!

Specials for

Apartment auditing & Style consultation

We go through your apartment with you via video chat, develop ideas, put together mock-ups and suggest color combinations!

Webdesign & Development

We create your professional website with booking tool and privacy policy. Contact us now to get your offer!

Graphics & Content Design

You need texts and image editing? We create SEO-optimized texts and professional image editing to put your apartment in the best spotlight!

Peak into the Ultimate Superhost Course!

Peak into the Ultimate Superhost Course!


Does the course only apply to tropical regions?

No. The course takes different locations in different regions into count. You will be able to use the style and services tipps independant of the region your rental apartment is located. Every homestay owner anywhere can profit from all information in the Ultimate Superhost Course.

What if I can not use your tips in my apartment?

Our tipps and tricks are collaborated form hundreds of individual Q&A’s with fellow travellers in more than 20 countries around the globe. You will be able to profit from all these insights and thus design and style your rental apartment to suit the needs of the majority of your clients.

Can I print the checklists at home?

Yes. Each module offers unique checklists and templates for your personal everyday use. You can print them and we even encourage you to do so. Our welcome guide for example is a beautifully styled presentation (PowerPoint & Keynote) for you to give away to our clients and thus offer unique experiences.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, absolutly. Once you have signed up you will receive your personal affiliation link. This way you can earn 5% of each sale. With only 20 recommendations you can make your entire money back. And even some profit, who knows!

What Hosts Say


I love this online course! With wit and charm it teaches how to optimize my AirBnB and thanks to the marketing tips I was able to increase my booking rate by 42%!”

– Sabrina L. | Austria


A cheerful online course that teaches small but subtle tricks and tweaks on how to make my accommodation perfectly suited to the needs of my guests and earn more!

– Fethiye O. | Turkey

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