3 awesome tips to boost your AirBnB!

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There are a few easy ways to boost your accommodation on AirBnB and climb up the search results!
Especially if you are new to marketing, but also if you want to increase your booking rates, try these three tips (and feel free to report your successes!)


#1: Know the search filters of AirBnB!


Many travelers on AirBnB already set the search filter before the search to achieve the most relevant results. Take a look at these search criteria. Especially with the equipment you can upgrade without structural changes and inexpensively – and thus better fit the search queries of your potential guests.
A hairdryer, iron or a small workstation are little things that will please your guests. A carbon monoxide detector is also a small, inexpensive measure that can even save lives!
The more of the criteria you can meet, the more likely your search results will be relevant.


#2: Present the chocolate side of your AirBnB apartment!


The cover image and the title text are the crucial first impression and decide whether the searcher clicks on your ad at all. At the same time, the cover image should make an impression and appear bright, open and inviting. Invest in a photographer or at least use a good camera to create a good image. It also makes sense to prepare the room beforehand. Make sure, however, that your pictures do not deviate greatly from the actual condition – this could lead to negative reviews!

Your title text should reflect exactly what distinguishes your accommodation. This includes the type of accommodation, the location and unique features such as a private pool or similar. If you take this into account, the clicks on your ad will increase!


#3: Know the “Favorites” feature of AirBnB!


If AirBnB users mark your listing as a favorite, your accommodation will automatically climb higher in the rankings and appear higher in the search results – matching the selected criteria. On the Internet there are groups of AirBnB landlords who save each other as favorites and thus trick the algorithm of AirBnB. Whether you want to use this trick is up to you. But you can also ask your guests on site to mark your accommodation as a favorite.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and that they will help you. You can get some more exciting insights and tips in our online course!

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