3 Tips for Better Reviews on AirBnB – Become a Superhost!

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Reviews are an important booking criterion for travelers on AirBnB (and other platforms). If you have consistently positive reviews, you’re not only (almost) assured of superhost status on AirBnB, but your booking rate will increase sustainably! Here are three tips on how to get better reviews on AirBnB.

1. Tell your guests that a good rating is important for you!

Already at the first contact with your guests you can collect important bonus points. Be friendly, approachable and answer every question. Warm hosts get better reviews because travelers are more likely to feel obligated to friendly hosts. Whether it’s you or someone on your behalf handing over the keys to the vacation rental to the guest, the contact here should also be friendly and cordial. If you give off positive vibes, you’ll often get positive vibes back!

2. Help your guests to write a review!

Not every guest takes the time to write a review or is simply not good at formulating a text. If the stay in your AirBnB was successful, write your guest that you are very happy about a review and ask him to respond to certain points. For this purpose, you can pre-formulate a text with questions – you can find an example here (link). Copy-paste is allowed!

3. Reply to reviews!

AirBnB allows you to reply to your guests’ reviews within 30 days. Make use of this and reply to every review! Respond to positive reviews with a warm thank you and a compliment. You should also respond constructively to bad or mediocre reviews. If you received a mediocre review, remain friendly, thank them and say that you take the criticisms to heart and are looking into improving them. This shows that you care and are making an effort – so for skeptical travelers, you’re already turning a mediocre review into a slightly better one, and the mediocre review isn’t quite as off-putting. Bad reviews, however, are the absolute horror for any superhost. They jeopardize your superhost status with AirBnB and you absolutely must respond. Be sure to remain polite and professional! Express your views and show other travelers that the bad review is not justified. Extra tip: When you receive a bad review, your first impulse will be to respond angrily. Don’t get carried away! Rather, sleep on it for a night and then formulate your response. If there was an argument or misunderstanding, briefly describe the situation and why you reacted accordingly. In rare cases, however, a bad evaluation is justified. And here you should show self-awareness! It has happened to us before that a host was not there at the agreed time. He did not respond to calls or messages. We had used the instant booking function and he did not notice. Of course he got a rating that was deserved. He was out of town at all and had forgotten that his apartment was still actively in placement on AirBnB. He apologized two weeks later and we got our money back. For us, this settled the case, but he now had a public rating that could deter travelers from booking with him. Self-insight is definitely an option here to still make the best of the situation!

Tell us about your experiences with AirBnB reviews!

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