Better reviews on AirBnB – free text template for you!

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We all know those x-star ratings that are absolutely meaningless. 3-star rating with the text content: Nice apartment. What does that say? Exactly, nothing at all!

Therefore, we have created a free text template that you can send to your guest with the friendly request to simply write a few nice response sentences. Also, check out this article to learn how to get better AirBnB reviews!

The Template

Dear xxx,

Thank you very much for staying at my accommodation. I hope you enjoyed your stay and everything was to your satisfaction. I would like to ask you to write a review. It would be great if you could elaborate on the following points:

  • How was the communication with me as your host?
  • How did you like the accommodation? What did you particularly like about it?
  • Would you recommend me and my accommodation or come again?
  • Were the facilities and the accommodation as you imagined them from the pictures?

The Conclusion

These 4 questions are enough to elicit some nice answers from your counterpart. The questions are deliberately asked in such a way that you will usually receive positive feedback. (If you deserve it!)

Travelers interested in your accommodation can see from the answers in the review that the most important points are covered: Communication with the host, the accommodation itself, bonus points of the accommodation and reality status of your posted pictures.

Also, be sure to remember to give your guest a good review back! A few warm and kind words will make your guest remember you and your accommodation even more positively. With the side effect that he may even tell others about it!

What was the nicest review you ever got? Write it in the comments, we are most happy about nice reviews!

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