Great plants to green your AirBnB! 🌵

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Indoor plants are a must-have for your special location!

It’s true that you don’t usually find plants in classic hotel rooms either, because they require a lot of care. But we want to stand out from the rest, right? And that’s why we’re introducing these low-maintenance houseplants to make your AirBnB greener!

So, let’s first get to the question: how many plants should I take?

Of course, it all depends on how much space is available. Be aware that many plants not only take up space, but diseases and pests can spread rapidly. We certainly don’t want that!

But well-staged individual plants improve your indoor environment, beautify the ambience and the green color calms the mind.

Choose one to a maximum of three plants per room. The most beautiful combine one large plant with two smaller ones.

The plants should be positioned so that no walkway is obstructed and the plants get enough light. In most cases, this applies to the areas near the windows. Small to medium plants can also be placed well on shelves or tables. Alternatively, there are also beautiful hanging plants. Hanging plants are trendy right now!

Here come our favorites for indoor plants in AirBnBs!

1. Monstera

The Monstera is the Instagram runner for urban jungle feel and is available in all sizes imaginable. It’s also good for your indoor climate and not very susceptible to pests. Did you know that its leaves are first heart-shaped and develop the characteristic incisions with increasing age? We love the Monstera!

2. Cactus

🌵 Cacti are incredibly diverse! As a rule, they are extremely easy to care for, require hardly any water and can be had from mini to giant! The cactus only needs a very bright location – the brighter the cactus the brighter it should be. As you can see, it can also be wonderfully decorated in small pots and beautifies any room!

3. Peace lily

We love the Peace Lily for its name alone! But this houseplant also provides a refreshing indoor climate, is beautiful to look at and on the whole also easy to care for!


When choosing plants, make sure they look healthy, don’t have mold on them, and don’t have critters flying around your ears. Choose a planter that has enough space and is stable with the weight of the plant.

Choose a pot that fits harmoniously into your interior and does not steal the show from your plant!

🌱  We hope to have inspired you to equip your AirBnB with a plant or two! 🌿

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