Interesting metrics about AirBnB rentals you should know!

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AirBnB has become one of the most valuable startups in the world since its founding in 2008. We’ve summarized some of the most important metrics for you and your AirBnB!

AirBnB’s can now be found in more than 100,000 cities. Since the company was founded until December 2021, there have been around 1 billion guest bookings! In contrast, there are around four million hosts.
This means that since 2008, a total of 110 billion US dollars have been turned over by hosts! The average income per year / per host is about 9,600 US dollars.

Also interesting to know: The website visits on AirBnB are increasing more and more! In December 2021, the traffic on AirBnB was 72.6 million views and in January 2022 it was already around 82.3 million views!
This also suggests that people are traveling more again than they did at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Many restrictions and travel limitations have been dropped, the vaccination rate has certainly also contributed to this, and after a long time off, people want to travel more again.

Increasingly younger people are focusing on individual travel and lifestyle while traveling. This is also noticeable in the fact that preference is given to unusual accommodations, such as castles and palaces, tree houses, windmills, Tiny Houses, glass dome tents, converted buses and what else is out of the ordinary.

Therefore, it is very important that your AirBnB is set up as perfectly as possible and gives your guests a great feeling! In our online course we give you practical tips and advice on how to do this!

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Air-BnB also offers you statistics about your accommodation!

In the host dashboard AirBnB offers you a whole range of statistics about your accommodation. The “Ratings” section informs you about the current status of your overall ratings. You can see what guests particularly liked – and what they didn’t. Especially feedback in the areas where you could improve are important! Use the statistics for yourself and get even more out of your AirBnB.

In the “Revenue” section, you can easily see how much revenue you’ve already had and what the forecast for the coming months looks like based on your bookings so far. If you are just starting with an AirBnB, the forecasts are not yet reliable, but the longer you are with it, the more accurate these forecasts become.

It makes sense to write down the forecasts as they stand today and compare them with your actual income a few months later – this will give you a good feeling for how well you can actually rely on these forecasts.

In the “Standards” section you can check if you meet the minimum requirements for hosts according to AirBnB standards, what you should still do to achieve superhost status or what improvements you can still make according to your guests’ feedback.

In the “Views” section you can see how many views your listing has received – and how many of them have actually been converted into bookings. This gives you a feeling if you should change something in your ad – many views, hardly any bookings? Then the location and amenities might already be right, but maybe there’s something to tweak about the accommodation itself, the sales test, the title text or the images?

Maybe the price-performance ratio is not right for your potential guests, for which we have a good tip:

Look at the advertisements of accommodations near your own accommodation. Using the booking calendar, you can see when which AirBnB is occupied – and compare it with your own booking figures. Take into account the price per night, extra services and amenities – you’ll usually find what you’re looking for there and can draw your own conclusions.


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